Introduction: The Ultimate Crypto Non-custodial Wallet on Aptos

Welcome to Spacecy Wallet’s documentation! Here you can find all kinds of valuable resources when using Spacecy Wallet, the ultimate crypto non-custodial wallet for the Aptos ecosystem.


Spacecy Wallet is a user-friendly non-custodial wallet for users to explore the Aptos ecosystem. If you want to start a Web3 journey on Aptos, our wallet is one of the best choices for you!
At its core, Spacecy Wallet works by creating private keys on behalf of its users. These keys can then be used within the extension to store funds and sign transactions.
The extension injects the web3 API into the website's javascript context so that Dapps can interact with the Aptos Network.

Main Features

Asset Monitoring: Asset tracking and monitoring on a DeFi platform with a clean and friendly user interface. Your information remains private, as we don’t access anything about your proof of information or your funds. Your private keys and funds always remain under your management.
NFT Support: Manage the information of a user’s NFT collections.
Explore The Aptos Ecosystem: Spacecy Wallet provides a simple and seamless way to connect to Aptos-based applications


Non-custodial: All of your digital assets and information remain totally private. We never have a license to access any of your data or funds.
Privacy: Your information is your asset! Not even our team can track or store any of your personal or financial information.
Secure Your Funds: Spacecy Wallet is available as a browser extension that equips users with a key vault, secure login, and token wallet. These are everything users need to manage their digital assets.
Friendly User Experience: Our design offers a seamless user experience and helps users prevent any mismanagement. All operations can be done easily with just a few clicks.